1. We do not believe in marketing – we believe in digital.

    Digital marketing is more efficient than offline, traditional marketing (leaflets, TV and radio ads, direct marketing, etc.). Via our solutions we help you:
    – to be more visible in Google results (SEO)
    – to understand your clients and in this way better adapt your products and communication (Google Analytics, Social Media Insights, App statistics, etc.)
    – to provide innovative promotion, e.g. via mobile applications or original web design
    – to develop two-way communication with clients via social media
  2. We do not provide simple IT solutions – we make sure that thanks to them you will save time.

    We make sure that we will understand your business needs and challenges before we start to develop solution in order to provide you with a user friendly interface and efficient software.
  3. We do not provide standard IT courses – we adapt them to your solutions.

    We provide IT and digital courses:
    – adapted for the departments of Finance, Marketing, Human Resources as well as IT,
    – face-to-face or via Internet,
    – private and group classes,
    – creative workshops, your business case studies and ongoing trainings on developed solutions,
    – at our office or at your company,
    – at any time requested.